Tales from the Good for The Black Enterprise

Tales from the Goods


As, young business owners there has been things that we’ve encountered but we were able to learn and gain knowledge from it. With that knowledge we’ve gained, we’d love to share that experience with you so that you don’t make the same mistakes. Of the many minor mistakes we’ve made, we’d like to share one specific one that’ll we will definitely carry throughout our career and we hope that you can make better decisions. One of the mistakes we’ve made, as many of us do is at times we forget the worth of our business. As we constantly battle the struggle of balancing school work as we are college sophomores, we also balance our business in the business world. As, we are young (only 19 years old) people often time may try to take advantage of us because we are new to what we do and we crave success deeply. So, often times we may see ourselves doing things or working with people just to make sure that we don’t miss out on an opportunity which sometimes result in delay of our process to success. Know yourself & you’re worth.  In the business world, many people are filled with greed and fueled with envy. You know the saying “people want to see you do good, but never better than them”? That is definitely true! Know that every opportunity isn’t a good one and to research people before working with them. No one will love and go as hard for your brand as you do, so always keep that in your mind! It is nothing wrong with reaching out to others for opportunities, but still recognize the strength and power of your brand! If you must ask others too many times, or you constantly ask for assistance and they’re not trying to help you. Please walk away as greater things are coming. Especially, if the person is only on a level a little higher than yours, you will get there. Be patient and never ask for things more than once where it seems as if you’re desperate. Also, when people show you that they are professional or aren’t about their business. Walk away quickly, and do not waste time. Your business cannot suffer due to the lack of communication or professionalism of someone else. All these things are things we’ve experienced in our short time in the business world, but they’re also lessons we’ll never forget. Find someone just as passionate about their business, brand and name as you are about yours. Then, together you both can make magic. Below are a few tips that we have learned from that may also help you:

  • Be sure to ask questions, don’t take what someone else has to say and just run with it. Research things for yourself.
  • Please be sure to always have dignity and not settle just for anything just to say that you have it, or to say that you have made money off of it.
  • Handle things with style and grace. As in the real-world people talk, they do the same in the business world. Your image is everything! Protect your brand by any means necessary.
  • Love what you do and truly love it. Not for what the outcome may be but love it because it’s something your passionate about as times will get tough where you want to quit. Keep going!
  • Timing is everything. Plan ahead always!

We hope that our experiences and a few of our personal tips will help you on your journey in the business world.  Find your lane, your niche, ride with it and prosper! Remember as the great Oprah Winfrey has said “Failure is a stepping stone to greatness”. Do not be afraid to fail, it’s how you get up and move forward that matters. We wish you many blessings and success. There is room for all of us to eat, so we hope to see you at the top where we’re going to definitely be, so meet us there! Xoxo!



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