You can ask 100 people what they think success is, and you will get many answers. This is simply because everyone’s view on success is different. What is it to me?! I would say it’s the ability to do what you want to a significant extent while being able to help many people long after being gone. Seems pretty vague right? But think about that. It covers so many different aspects that it can carry many meanings. It also covers many realms and be it be the minimalist of help all the way through to the best help that any one person can get. That is success. Many people that want to genuinely help usually have success and it is not necessarily a trait that you can pick up. Yes, you can be selfless but that is not the same thing. Acting selflessly just means you made a choice and could be in the long run looking for something in return.  Genuine selflessness, is something that can be learned once you make your success about other things or other people. When it stops being just about you, your passion changes and you begin to lean towards a different type of goal. The most common way to measure success is through money. When you look outside of the dollar sign, there is much more to take into account. The income is the goal and doesn’t come until the end. There is much more to do in between.

Have you ever realized how people that have access to a huge amount of funds never really care absolutely about the money? That because they know it’s there. It’s not a real worry. Let face it, having access to money relieves a lot of different stresses…. MOST stresses, but until you get to that point, you mustn’t focus just the income. You want to build something that will last. Ensure that the foundation is strong, then have a plan to expand on it. Before you know it, your revenue will become abundant, and you would have stopped stressing about the unnecessary things quite some time ago.  Once the revenue is there and the foundation is unbreakable, the revenue will always be there and it will keep coming.

Letting Go of What you think ‘real’ money is.

What if I told you that $1000 is not a large amount of money? What if I told you that $10,000 is not a large amount of money? What if I told you that $100,000 is NOT a lot of money? It’s not. You have got to let go of what you think a large sum of money is. A large sum is not money that can fix ‘right now’ problems. You could spend $100,000 today then be broke again. If you have high student loans, or a mortgage, or a newer car and paid one off…. Suddenly that influx of cash gets real small. We’re not saying that it can’t be used to help depending on your situation, but at the end of the day, it’s still not a lot of money in the time that we live in. The best advice I ever heard about having or obtaining money was this: If you can pay (in advance) 6 years of all of your current bills and be able to live during that duration without making any new income, then you have access to a large sum of money. Why 6 years? The average homeless person (at the time) was believed to be on the streets up to 3 years before finding permanent shelter, then, the amount of time to retrain for a new career on average takes up to 3 years. During that time you still have to live, eat, pay bills…etc. You also accrued a new financial debt when retraining, in which, will become a new bill for you on the other side.

Building a Foundation

Another trait that successful people have is that they know that the foundation on based on the people. The people who maintain the business. The actual laborers. The people that have taken over doing the work. Success stories that have a segment where the people are taken care of always pan out. These companies last generations. The people know these companies and they stick with these companies. Not to mention, the people that work for you are your largest word of mouth, and your best contributors. Use the recent exploitations of poor customer service as an example of what you should be teaching your employees and yourself. Remember to treat your foundation well. If you can do that, it will always hold steadfast for you. Keep in mind that you are also a part of the foundation and that you are where it starts!

The ability to let go.

In business period, you hear the saying all of the time, “It not personal, just business.”, and somehow people thought after that it was ok to obtain and apply dirty business practices. This will happen to you, time & time again. That is the nature of business, but you have got to learn to let some things go. Take the lesson and keep moving forward. The knowledge is worth the price in many cases and you will grow to understand that these mistakes will make you the better business person. It will increase your capacity to problem solve and lead.

Always be looking to Improve

Be your own critic and place yourself in the shoes of your audience. Look through the eyes of the person that is seeing your business and its presentation. If you don’t know what that is supposed to look like then take a look at other niches that fit your audience. Look at your business the way you look at others when you first encounter them. Utilize those tactics to make your business improve. When you think there is nothing to do, this is what you can be doing.