On Thursday, officials in Detroit announced that they would be honoring Michael Jackson by naming a street in his honor. That official name will be called Michael Jackson Avenue and will be a re-named portion of a road called Randolph Street that run’s through the city’s downtown theater district.

The timing seems odd because it actually is in sync with it being the 50 year anniversary of The Jackson 5 signing their initial recording contract with Motown Records.

“The Jackson’s were among the first groups of black American performers to attain crossover status and went on to release hit after hit after hit,”  –Stephen Grady

The re-naming will officially take place on June 15 to line up with the Detroit Music Weekend outdoor festival. Not coincidentally, that festival is set to be headlined by Tito, Marlon, Jackie, and Jermaine Jackson.

The move comes a year after a street was named for Aretha Franklin, with that honor also coming at least year’s festival.