2018 Business Ideas The Black Enterprise


Next Level Business Tips

Here a few solutions that can help take your business to the next level this year:

1Have a conversation with an accountant. Lots of new factors when your business begins to grow. New tax bill just made things a bit more complicated but no worries, there are professionals for that. New rules went into effect Jan. 1st & you need to know about them now. For instance, a new portion of the deduction process has “pass through” income which is most likely a standard for your small business. If you don’t know what that is, you definitely would want to find out if it applies to you. We are not tax professionals by any means and are sharing this information so that you can contact someone that will know how to help you. A good accountant should be able to give you a good base knowledge of what to expect based on your particular situation. These are things that you will have to start taking account of with a growing business.

2Take a little time to focus. As a small business owner, you’re pulled in many different directions in the course of an hour, let alone a day, week or year. Take some dedicated time to clear your mind to increase your focus on particulars. Have the ability to hone in on certain aspects of your business without other parts of it interfering. Carve out time in your day, or your week, where you focus on dealing with just that one No email. No texts. No social media. No interruptions. Just that one thing.

3Contain the Bull****. Let’s face it, it is hard to focus when there is so much junk around. Paper junk and digital junk. Go through your piles of stuff, get rid of the unnecessary. Give everything a place to be. Clean work space equals a clear mind. Make sure to back up your digital junk, and go through it in time with a fine tooth comb.

4Go on a digital diet. You can almost guess what this means right? You have got to turn off the screens sometimes. Even though social media is a great way to find some laughs or interact with someone you haven’t seen in a while, we actually spend a lot of time using it. Get away from the screens sometimes and just be outside, or just be relaxing. Your mind and your body will thank you for that release. Get away from the screens so that you can gain fresh eyes and better your perspective. May seem like a time waster, but you WILL accomplish more of the important stuff.

5Make technology your friend. Stop doing things that you can automate by hand. This means newsletters, social media postings, payroll, reaching out to past customers, abandoned carts….etc. These are easy fixes and there is an app for each of these. Let some of these developers help you out. Also remember that convenience always costs a little money.

6Develop a business plan – Re-Evaluate your current business plan. Here is where you get to determine what went wrong. You have analytics, you have data & you have feedback…. Ok what now? All of these things should be able to tell you what is working and what you can get rid of. In many ways, this is the most important. If you don’t have a plan, make one. Examine what’s going on in your business, in your industry, & in your market.


Yes, these may seem like simple procedural malarkey but these are VERY important steps towards being successful. Try these steps, dont just take our word for it. If you dont leanr how to incorporate these things into your business, you will become wound so tight that you could snap. If you snap, who runs the business?