If you have done any type of research on us TheBlackEnterprise| Thee Urban Social business Platform you would know that we are big on the inner cities becoming more successful and business oriented. This is because we believe that if these areas are able to generate better revenue, they will be able to obtain better resources & services. It turns out that Detroit is looking to make some changes that help people looking to start a business there.

Detroit, MI is looking to hire seven business district managers to help boost the city’s business development. The Mayor Mike Duggan says, “We are going to appoint … seven neighborhood business district managers, one for each district,” Duggan said, noting a proposal will be sent to city council this week.

It’s supposed to be a role similar to district managers currently in place who address issues such as dead trees or abandoned homes. The objective is to find ways to fill vacant storefronts, looking for business financing options, helping businesses employ Detroiters from nearby neighborhoods, dealing with zoning issues and more, Duggan said.

What could this mean for you? If you currently live in the city or any of its tri-state areas, this could mean a big push for tourism returning to the inner city, this could mean better financing options (don’t bank on it), and this could mean that more people will shop inside the inner city. Even with the water crisis in the near Flint, Detroit has been turning around for quite some time now. These new changes could mean something big for small business in Detroit. If you live there, or don’t mind moving there, start looking into your options now!