What is the name of your business?

Gods Masterpiece

TBE: Name

Latanza Warren

TBE: How long has your business been open?

Since 2015

TBE: What is the mission statement of your business?

To Bulid Inspire and Encourage…B.I.E…saying BIE to your past and embrace your future, your purpose…

TBE: How did you get your idea or concept for the business?

I went through a storm that seemed impossible to come out of. The pain that came with it, seemed as if it would take me under but with God I overcame. And through this, Gods Masterpiece was birth.

TBE: How many employees?

1 to 5

TBE: What service(s) or product(s) do you offer/manufacture?

Group setting, one on one, speaking engagements, T shirts and Books I have written. Through Gods Masterpiece, we also provide Financial Education and Coaching, helping with budgeting, financial strategies, savings and building credit score.

TBE: What’s your company’s goals?

Through Gods Masterpiece our goal is to see others free of what held them..release and go forward to their better and their purpose.

TBE: What is unique about your business?

Gods Masterpiece is about seeing who you are becoming even before you can see it..to renew the mind to who you are not who your situation, circumstance or someone’s opinion say who you are.

TBE: What are your responsibilities as the business owner?

Plan meetings, events, and upcoming conferences…I am also the financial educator and coach.

TBE: What made you choose this type of business?

Passion and purpose

TBE: Does your company help the community where it is located?

Yes… I have also started Kidpreneur..working with children to show them who they are and becoming. To know their dreams and desires..to encourage and build so they can live their purpose.

TBE: Have you ever turned down a client/customer? If so, why?

Yes..what I offered didn’t line up with what they needed at the time.

TBE: If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?

Don’t give up no matter what it looks like. Never allow giving up an option..

TBE: What are some strategies you use for working with an unhappy customer?

Encouragement. I like to encourage them, show them what they maybe couldn’t see at the time because of the overwhelming of their situation.

TBE: Where would you like to be in 3 years?

In the next 3 years, I would like to speak to others around the world..to grow my residual income and to build a home to house young single moms..educating them and ministering to them about their self worth.

TBE: What would your previous employers say about you?

I am dedicated, go beyond what my job description said and loved helping others whether it was a customer or a patient.

TBE: When you were a kid what did you want to be when you grew up?

I actually saw a movie when I was younger and in that movie, they had a home where they helped women and children get back on their feet. When I saw this, it stayed with me..that’s what I want to do and will.

TBE: What was your first business idea and what did you do with it?

My first business was actually as a teen, I would clean others homes for money… My grandfather taught me work ethic… As an adult, I started an in-home daycare and still have it after 23 years.

TBE: What do you wish you knew before you started your first business?

Money management. I have learned this over the years but if I had known about investing and financial strategies then, I know it would have made a big difference. But I know now and teach others.

TBE: What did you learn from the worst boss you ever had?

I learned that although it may be hard to walk in love to someone that may not treat you the way they should, it taught me that its possible even when it’s not given back.

TBE: What has being a business owner taught you?

It has taught me that even when it looked hard when it looked like I wouldn’t have enough, I kept going (even through tears at times) and it worked out for my good. I have learned that I have to continue forward and trust God knowing He will work out all for my good.

TBE: Is there anything that you would like to add?


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