For many years companies have been using their logos to send a mass message to those that may be looking for them. Some logos are so recognizable that you don’t even have to read the name to know who they are or what they offer. What should make you any different? You’re building a business or a brand and people should be able to recognize you just the same. Any one business that it taking itself seriously should not and usually does not operate without having a logo. We are going to give you some reasons as to why being sure you have a logo for your business is important.

Revealing who you are over & over again.

Your brand at some point will become a photo recognition of your business and/or service to millions. It will point people in your direction without them even having to think about it because they will already know it is you. Just like in the old west where cowboys would brand their cattle, your brand shows ownership. It can tell your customers who you are, what you provide, and the benefits they could receive from you. Think about how many times you walk into a store and are able to notice that you are buying a Coca-Cola without having to read the label, or how you may be taking a trip across the country and can recongnize the Golden arches from the highway knowing its a McDonald’s. That recognition is what ties your brand to you from your customer. Any business owner taking their brand seriously at some point invested a significant amount of time in their brand marking making several changes and did not release it to the world until it was perfect. Even now some of the most recognized names changed their logo over time.

Invite your customer to get to know you

Customers on many facets are drawn to figures and color. Your logo intially will draw interest. Its will tell a story and make people wonder. We as a people love to be drawn into things and take it in. Your logo should draw interest, be simple yet sophisitacated, and you should be able to quickly put in anywhere! It should be readily available for mass production at the drop of a hat. You should be able to print it on a sticker or place it on a billboard in a matter of minutes. Make it people friendly and people will not have a problem with helping you show it off.

Separate yourself

We know what this means right? As a entrepreneur you spend a lot of time doing this. Your logo should do the same. There should be no mistake between you and the others. Your logo provides this purpose. Its the first thing people see about your business. Do some research when creating your logo & see what others in your market is doing. If you are creating a market make sure your logo says who and what you are at the same time. Pick the pieces you need and then create who you are.

Everything expires

So you have been doing this for a few years and you say, “We have a logo. We don’t ever need to think about it again.” Think again! We as a people mostly don’t like change and that is because it feels like starting over but think about this, if someone told you that modifying your current logo could increase your sales by 20%, you’d look into it right? (No, this isnt an accurate number and we just made it up.) The point is, sometimes even though people may know & recognize you doesn’t mean that your logo didn’t expire. What we mean is that sometimes it is ok to re-invent, refresh, take a step back so you can take a good look and see if there is something that you could do differently. Maybe your sales are great but you are having trouble reaching the younger market. It could be your logo. As we stated before, sometimes companies change their logo for many reasons. Maybe there was a change in management, maybe the old logo doesn’t fit the direction of the company, maybe the company just wants to change the look. Either way, large scale companies know that the logo is important to the brand. You may not be large scale right now but you should always be prepared for it. There are plenty of companies that fail because of too much success. Is your logo ready for overnight success?