What is TheBlack Enterprise? TheBlack Enterprise is Thee Urban Social Business Platform created for businesses that may need or want help sending traffic their way. TheBlack Enterprise gives businesses a platform, in which, they can exchange information about themselves to gain more recognition and traffic. Contrary to belief, there are several people who want to support you and your business but don’t know where to find you. TheBlack Enterprise is here to change that by giving people who are looking to support you, a place to find you. We created and manage theblackenterprise.com, we write articles giving tips, business news, and features for participating businesses. We run ads on many platforms including Google, Bing, FaceBook, Instagram, Pinterest…etc. We create posts for you on all of our social media platforms (ensuring they look good and are presentable) all currently at no cost to you. Businesses that gain approval will never be charged for a service if and/or when The Black Enterprise decides to adopt fee for service. As of now, businesses who signed up are gaining more impressions, more traffic, and more income AT NO EXTRA COST. We do not have any investors, loans, or donations to help support this service. A single owner pays out of pocket to create these services for TheBlack Enterprise users.

Whats the catch? There isn’t one. TheBlack Enterprise is genuinely here to help those that we can. We know that lots of companies apply all of the time, yet, only so many are able to be added. We are unable to go through each company’s profile then suggest to each and every one of them why we weren’t able to approve them, yet, we are able to realize too that this is not completely fair. So instead of trying to suggest to each company what they could do different, we will explain to you what we look for when adding businesses to TheBlack Enterprise. Being able to follow this guide could almost guarantee that your business will be added.

 You must be providing a Service

We look initially to see what kind of service you provide and that you are able to provide it safely to a consumer. This means that a customer should be able to engage with you for a service or product then safely pay for it by several means. Internet security is a huge problem and it gets worse daily. People need to have the ability to pay you for a service then also dispute that service be that they did not receive it. PayPal would be a great example of this. Customers could go to PayPal to receive their money back if they did not receive a service from you or are unhappy with it. This ensures that you and the customer are safe. Without a service such as this or the many that are available, we are unable to approve a business. There are several type of applications that will allow you to safely accept payments from customers and solve disputes while keeping you and the customer safe, you will just have to do a bit of research. Blogs and/or YouTube pages are not considered businesses to TheBlack Enterprise even though Blogs that write business articles and How-To’s could be approved.


Part of the process is that we here at TheBlack Enterprise do research your business/company’s names and logo to ensure that you are not infringing on personal property or trademarks. This is important being that technically you would be using an unauthorized name to provide a service. If your business generates revenue from a property that is under someone else, they could come after you. This happens in more cases than you can imagine but luckily, there are tools available to us that will allow us to research your company and verify that we are not presenting it in the wrong fashion. This keeps you and us safe and free from issues in the future. If we are presented with information from a trademark or property owner that states that they did not give you fair use permission at any time, your business will be removed without question. Again, this keeps all party’s safe.

Having a Website or Website that needs work.

Even though this is not necessary, having a website and not having one could be the difference depending on the service you are providing. Having a website that is poorly constructed is the same as not having one. If you went to your favorite shopping site, and saw that the photos were gritty and crooked, out of line, out of sync and blurry, was not proofread, missing products or simply not operating there is no way that you would purchase from them. Better yet, if you went to a website that you never been to that had those same problems, you would swear it was a scam. (I know I would). You have to view the material that you put out there as a consumer. When people visit your website for the first time, they aren’t looking for what’s right, they are looking for what’s wrong. Drop-shipping sites will not be approved. Web links that direct people to subsidiary business pages will not be approved. (Avon would be an example). Having no location nor a Website will not be approved (with a few exceptions) even though you could have a location but not necessarily a Website. This increases our chances of being able to market your business, and present it to potential customers. If you have any questions on this, you could always contact us with questions and we will try to answer them as best as we can.

Email Address

We thought we should touch on this because we have come across a few email addresses that would be considered inappropriate. Businesses attach to inappropriate email addresses will not be approved because we are upholding a standard to professionalism. We are setting an example. Just as a tip, create an email address that makes your business identifiable to itself. This will help us help you in the long run.

Social Media

This is probably the largest part of it all. Yes, we review the social media that you provide us with. If we find others that belong to your business, we review those as well. The social media that you tie to your business should be all about your business or things that are related to it. If your social media is constructed poorly, this will guarantee that you will not be approved. We get a lot of questions of how we choose the posts that we re-post for you, or the posts that we use to make video for you and the answer is, its a mixed bag. We go through several pieces of your social media to market you, but if you’re not visiting all of our platforms, then there is no way that you will see all of the various posts that are created on your behalf. It’s different for each platform and this is because each platform must be treated differently. We have tons of analytics that come by us DAILY that says what the people that interact with us want to see, and we cater to them mostly with your content. That is be beauty of our service. We make your business the news! In many cases we may re-post something that you re-posted, this is because that is part of our growth plan. We are able to reach a few more businesses this way as well as market for you. Some people make the mistake of thinking that soon as people see your business material that it will make people jump and that’s not the way it works. Studies show that it can take any one person up to 11 times to see your business or something in relation to it before they will even interact with it. You don’t have to worry about that though because approved businesses get re-posted and re-posted and re-posted until the end of time. Once approved with us, you will never have to worry about this aspect of your business. If you run more ads, or are getting posted on another service, that is fine with us. Our overall plan is to put your business in front of as many like-minded people as possible. Then to give them a platform to find you.

Giving the Wrong Information

We will admit it, we are very good at finding information, but an issue can arise when the information that we asked for was not properly surveyed before submitting. Improperly filled out forms are almost immediately discarded. We have gotten several applications that we do correct if we are able to or if it may have been a genuine mistake. This is not uncommon. We know you have several things to do and a typo will not stop us from approving your business. Blatant auto-filled or improperly filled out forms are discarded. We simply do not have the time to keep reaching out to people asking them to correct the information if we presented what we needed in the beginning. We give a certain criteria for many things because it’s like a ‘sweet spot’ for passing that information. It is giving enough information to allow us to complete a service for you. When that criteria isn’t met, we are unable to provide that service.

Keep in mind that just because your business has not been approved that you cant re-apply once your business is ready. Also, all businesses are not rejected. Some businesses apply before they are ready which is fine. We usually check on those businesses periodically to see how they are doing. Approval usually take up to about 2 weeks because of volume but once we approve you, we do everything in our power to help you grow! The more people you tell about us the better this service will work for your business and others.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

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