We here at The Black Enterprise| Thee Urban Social Business Platform would like you to know first and foremost that your success is important to us. We designed The Black Enterprise to help those with small to mid-sized urban businesses gain traffic to your website and/or bring attention to your business. Not just any traffic either, but the traffic of those who are actually looking to support your growth. We reach out to the like-minded people and believe that in some way, we all have something in common. The Black Enterprise was also created for that consumer. The person that you are attempting to reach doesn’t always know how to find you. In most cases, that consumer doesn’t know that they are even looking for you. We are hoping to give them a platform to change that.

Here are some ways that we think can help with your success as well as help us to help you succeed.

  1. Separate your personal social media from your businesses social media.

It is our belief that when you have a business it should have its own platform to stand on, and should not necessarily be competing with your everyday activities. This is not for every case as some of you are what we call, “influencers” and your business can be or is based on your following knowing you and who you are. In many cases, some people do not separate the two and people that look to support you won’t take your business seriously if they cannot see the difference. Increase your brands social proof by making sure that when people are sent there for brand appearance, the brand and its products is what they see.

  1. It is important (not necessary) for your brand to have a Web site.

Having a web site for people to visit is important for your business. It gives people a place to go and visit often when they are looking to make purchases and check your inventory. Even when using social media, the idea is to always be directing your supporters to your website so that they establish a relationship with your business, increase their awareness of your business, and establish trust with your business. We are not denying that there are other ways but having your own website will cause less confusion when people are trying to support you. Take into consideration how people are used to doing their shopping online. Any inconsistencies or inconveniences will turn most supporters away indefinitely.

  1. Have a proper email address for your business.

This is very important in several ways. First, your business email address should have part of the business name in it. Even if the business does not have a website, the email address should remind your supporters who they are trying to contact DEFINITELY if you have no website.  Second, that email address helps you again separate the business into its own entity. Having that separate email gives you the ability to departmentalize. When customers get correspondence from you, they aren’t having to guess who you are or who the business is as well. You want this to show people that you are authentic, and that they can contact you with any question or issues.

  1. Get a logo.

This may not seem important but in reality, it simply is. This is how your customer will begin to recognize you and will continue to determine if they trust it or not. Also, all of the work that you are putting in now, will be for almost nothing when you go to actually brand your product. A logo should be one of the first things that you acquire even if it’s just your name, you want it in a format that people will recognize.  A logo makes you recognizable without the supporter having to think. A logo can in many cases tell people what kind of service you provide.

  1. Clear photos

We cannot stress this enough. In this day and age where camera quality comes in many shapes and/or forms people who shop online like to see their product(s) in significant resolution. Even if they are not making a purchase from you and are just browsing, you are more likely to get a conversion when the quality of the photo is high.

  1. Website Appearance

Here is another piece of your business that should be taken into high regard. Those of you that have websites have to consider that this is not enough. Your website should be easy to use, should be aligned and categorized properly, and again all of the pictures should be of high quality. Photos should be properly spaced and the alignments of said photos should be even. Lots of customers are deterred because of websites that are not polished and clean. This is because they look untrustworthy or unkempt. Take into consideration the way the websites you visit look and the things that may stop you from shopping on a particular website. Make those same observations with your own web pages and determine what changes you can make to visually make things better. If you need assistance, its best to reach out the domains customer support, someone you may know that understands those computer languages, or someone who does freelance.

These are just some of the main tips that can help you to make conversions on your website or within your business. Taking note of other businesses that may be similar to yours and how they present themselves can help you along the way. There is lots of research available to those who are “do-it-yourselfers”. These descriptions are also some of the reasons that some businesses may not get added to The Urban Social Business Platform. We want to help, but we have to present the businesses that are ready so that we are helping rather than hurting. Most times when customers visit websites so that we remain trustworthy as well. This will help us to further help you in the near future.