After years working at their call center and cabinetmaking jobs, Helen and Jeremy Urban were ready for a change.

The Springfield couple didn’t realize that their new career would involve breaking so much stuff, until Jeremy Urban, 44, came across an old YouTube video showing a business, in which, over-stressed workers are able to take out their anxiety by smashing plates against a wall.

Jeremy thought about it so much his wife even remembers it. Late last year Jeremy decided to turn the idea into an actual business and open what the Urban’s describe as Lane County’s first “rage room.”

“All of a sudden, one day he looks at me and says, ‘Let’s start a rage room,’ ” Helen Urban, 42, said. “I said, ‘Yes, let’s do it.’ I have no idea why, but the idea in my head seemed amazing.”

This past November, the Urbans quit their jobs to open their new business, Demolition Zone.

Demolition Zone

The Urban’s picks up free junk advertised on Craigslist and bottles from several local bars. A few people have donated items, which the Urban’s organize in a storage room where customers can browse and pick things they want to destroy.

The Urban’s opened the Demolition Zone in April, and Jeremy Urban returned to his cabinet work in addition to running the business with his wife. If you happen to be very stressed out and are in the Eugene, OR area, look them up!!