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Add a Product to our Shop

The Black Enterprise is helping to elevate your business. Now subscribers can add your products to our online store!

How to get Started

This is a subscription model. You will pay a monthly fee of $79.99. Yes, ONLY $79.99 mo. We will handle the rest.

How does it work?

1. Start your subscription by using the subscribe button below.

2. You are then redirected to a page that will allow you to upload a product that will get potential customer’s attention.

3. We review your product submission, once approved, we add it to our store linking it to your website.

4. We post ads for your product twice a month

5. You save money while increasing exposure to your business

*The store will show also be available on Facebook.*

Get Started

  • Subscribe using the link below.
  • Once you create a subscription, you will be redirected to fill out a form that will allow you to create your product, add a description, and create the link for it that will direct customers to your website.

How Does this Work for You?

  • We will allow you to post your best selling product to our shop.
  • Your item is then linked to your website or URL.
  • We then promote the shop on a continuous basis, increasing your chances for leads and more sales!
  • When people click on your product, they are directed to your website to make the purchase directly from you!

Get Started Here

The Perks

  • Your business is seen even more.
  • Upsell the customer directly from your own website.
  • Generate more leads and sales from website traffic.
  • Get more information for your sales funnel.
  • Get more demographic information.
  • Be able to remarket to leads.
  • Be able to contact missed sales.
  • Cut down marketing costs.
  • Make more and keep more of your income to reinvest in the business.