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Today, more than ever, attention should be given to the structure of the family. To be asked simple questions like; “How many children do you have?”, or “How many grandchildren do you have?”, may not be so simply answered. Persons who are in Blended Families often struggle with how to answer these questions.

It’s easy for those whose children all have the same parents but not so when stepparents, foster parents, adopted parents and those who are responsible for the caring of their nieces and nephews. Now the family takes on a whole new meaning. Sometimes family members struggle with how to count because they don’t always know how one wants to be counted. Sometimes its just as hard for children because they often struggle with how to address or introduce mom’s new husband or dad’s new wife.

This is where Families In The Mix plays an active role in assisting family members work separately and then collectively through their individual issues. Everyone brings unresolved issues from their past that create barriers that can hinder their new life journey and if these issues are not addressed the cycle continues, again and again, each time getting worse.

Families In The Mix founder and creator, Life and Blended families Coach, Florenstine Sullivan Woods, is a product of what she teaches and has fifty-five years experience in blended families. She has four stepmoms, two stepdads, three stepchildren, two biological children and she was the legal guardian for ten years to her adopted nephew. She is also divorced after thirty-three years of marriage.

She is a licensed retired Cosmetologist, an adjunct professor of Religion and an ordained Pastor. She teaches what she has survived and understands the fears, hurt, stress, manipulation, lack of appreciation, depression and lack of support many experience in blended relationships. However, she also has experienced and assisted others in her coaching programs to experience and realize the love, joy, peace, and unconditional love that God promised when we face our negatives and are purposeful in “running to a better life”. You can do this. Allow her to take this journey with you. Your blended family is worth every step.

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